NORTH CAROLINA -- A North Carolina mom was touched when her son wrote a letter to Santa asking him to make the kids at school stop bullying his twin sister.

Karen Suffern had asked the twins, Amber and Ryan, to write the letters to Santa so she could budget for the holidays.

The twins, 8, just started third grade.

Karen says the letter sheds new light on her daughter's struggle with bullies. She says she is glad to have a selfless son - plus Santa - watching out for her daughter.

The school issued a statement on the situation, reading:

"We are hyper-vigilant at Rocky Mount Prep to prevent, intervene and protect our scholars from instances such as this...
Our teachers and staff have received training to recognize and address these types of behaviors, and we are proud of the way they respond.

We are saddened that this has taken place within our school family.

And we can assure all of our parents, scholars and community that we will continue to do everything possible to provide them with a positive and safe learning environment."