CLEVELAND -- For 45 years Minute Men Staffing has provided temporary staffing for Ohio's blue-collar industrial companies.

Thanks to the new Affordable Care Act, more smaller companies are seeking temp workers so they don't have to deal with the new insurance mandate that requires businesses with more than fifty employees to provide health insurance.

"Where people just don't want to deal with it, they'll be using services like ours because the onus is on us to comply and do all the paperwork and things of that nature, so just that in itself is good for us because it's gonna increase our business," says executive Jay Lucarelli of Minute Men Staffing.

Lucarelli says while many temporary workers only work a few days a week, those who work full time hours are given health insurance benefits through Minute Men, so the business that's hiring the workers doesn't have to.

"So you may have 70 employees, but 30 of them are ours so it doesn't count on your rolls, and, again, we still have to maintain the cost of supplying the insurance so that's built into our rate," Lucarelli says.

And companies are willing to pay it. But he's also noticing another side effect of the act as well.

"People are getting their hours cut, so we are seeing an influx of people that normally probably wouldn't go to a staffing service for employment," Lucarelli says.