SOLON -- Zack Reed didn't ask for special consideration. But he is getting different treatment as a result of a decision by Cleveland Safety Director Marty Flask.

Flask decided the Cleveland Councilman is a high profile prisoner who presented possible security issues if he served his 10-day DUI sentence at the Cleveland House of Corrections.

So Flask arranged for Reed to spendhis time in the newer, smaller Solon jail.

"I'm not going to risk the city's reputation or our pocketbook for an assault committed on him by an inmate," Flask said.

Five years ago, Reed served a DUI sentence in the House of Corrections.

The facility has dormitory style accommodations, housing large groups together.

In 2008, Reed was isolated from the general population by being confined in the infirmary.

The city is actually saving money by havign him in Solon. The cost per day housing an inmate at Cleveland's facility is $114/day. It's $85/day in Solon.

"We made a very conscious decision to put him in an environment that he wouldn't become victimized...We do not have any specific threat against the councilman. He has been very aggressive against crime and violence, " Flask said.

Flask seems disinclined to offer Reed favors.

The longtime lawman said, "I can make a heck of an argument he should have gotten more jail time than he did."

Reed is serving time for his third DUI. He could have gotten up to six months in jail.

Some think Reed may actually be less comfortable in Solon than in the workhouse, less able to get preferential treatment from jail personnel there.