CLEVELAND -- Watch your speed out there on Cleveland's streets. A new portable camera may be watching your every move.

As part of its Operation Safe Streets, the city is deploying the camera units across the area to help reduce speed in neighborhoods, reduce accident severity and get drivers to better comply with traffic laws.

In front of each camera, there is a sign notifying drivers that a speed enforcement area is just ahead.

The cost of a photo enforcement ticket is $100.

The Clerk of Courts does not make the decision to put the cameras on the street, nor does the office choose the locations. The City Safety Department works with Council members to choose the locations.

The Clerk of Courts office does collect the fines.

The city says the units do not require an officer on site and can be placed in areas where pole mounted or mobile speed camera units cannot be used.

Cameras will record speeding violations and a Cleveland officer will review results to determine if a citation is warranted. Citations will be mailed to the owner of the vehicle.

Signs will be placed in areas where a Portable Camera Unit may be in use. The PCUs can be moved from location to location.

Here are the current locations for the PCUs

• 4050 Superior Avenue
• 11400 Block of Edgewater Drive
• 2416 E 55th Street
• 2300 St Clair Avenue
• 3219 Detroit Avenue
• 4123 Pearl Road