CLEVELAND -- "They're in first place for a reason."

Those are the words from the voice of the Browns, our own Jim Donovan.

"There is so much difference in this building, with this football team, on the scoreboard, in the AFC North standings," Donovan continues. "It's completely different because suddenly, no matter what happens to the Browns, they shake it off, they come back and they win."

Donovan says the team succeeded despite major hurdles -- including the headline-generating injury of quarterback Brian Hoyer.

"With everything going wrong in the game, Browns teams of the past would have put their chips on the table and said, 'We're done for this night.' But not this team."

Ultimately, the Browns beat the Bills 37-24.

With a record of 3-2 this season, the Browns prepare to battle the Detroit Lions on Sunday, Oct. 13 at FirstEnergy Stadium