CLEVELAND -- Massive staff layoffs are having a big impact at the local United States Attorney's office.

Big layoffs Tuesday, as part of the shutdown,came on top of sequestration cuts.

An office once budgeted for a staff of 180 now has about 93 people working.

The layoffs include attorneys and support staff. There are ripple effects.

Because workers aren't there, even contract cleaning staff are temporarily out of work.

U.S. Attorney Steve Dettelbach is almost apologetic. He says his dedicated staff is doing the best it can, but it's a losing battle to do what should be done.

"We're doing all we can to try and juggle. I feel like I'm juggling 8 balls with two hands and trying to figure out which ones are made of crystal," he said.

Dettelbach spent part of Friday doing switchboard fill-in duty.

Some examples of work being impacted.

A federal study of use of force and other conduct by Cleveland Police is being temporarily delayed.

Crime victims calling in seeking information and guidance get voice messages from laid-off outreach workers.

"Our approach has been to prioritize things that relate to public safety and are time sensitive...There's a lot of stress being created because things supposed to be getting done aren't getting done," he said.

Important criminal cases are still being handled. But civil matters are being put on hold.

Dettelbach is proud of laid-off workers who want to keep working but can't and workers still on the job who may not get paid.

"I hope for their sake and the sake of this community, we can fix this problem," he said.