Lorain County -- Lorain County has begun a program to help reduce the number of deaths by drug overdose.

It's a remarkable solution to a nationwide epidemic. In Ohio, drug overdoses have increased by nearly 400-percent over the past decade. And in Lorain County, 60 of those were fatal, last year alone.

Heroin has become the drug of choice. Project Dawn stands for deaths avoided with Naloxone, a drug that reverses the lethal impact of an opiate or heroin overdose.

It's a spray that first responders can now use as part of Lorain County's pilot project. Each law enforcement officer will carry two so-called "Narcan" kits following training that takes no more than 30 minutes.

Experts remind everyone the Narcan kits are only a temporary fix -- "before" the police or paramedics arrive. "Preventing" death by drug overdose is what it's all about. And if the pilot program works in Lorain County, it could soon be adopted "statewide."

The dawn project will be having fundraising programs to cover the 35-dollar cost of each kit, similar to the project dawn program in Cuyahoga County.

Both are designed to save lives that would be lost following a drug overdose, for which the treatment came minutes or even seconds too late.