CLEVELAND -- Just how difficult is it to drive while texting?

A video simulator gives people a chance to test the waters without putting any lives at risk.

Travelers Insurance created the obstacle course game to help people understand the dangers of distracted driving.

Participants receive texts while they're playing to see how difficult it is to concentrate.

"We have kids actually taking part in this as well. We have parents doing it. There's just no winner in this game. So you need to be mindful of that. There's no winner. This is no game, this is an educational device, and there's a course you're trying to navigate through, but you're not winning, and that's the point. There's no winner when it comes to distracted driving," said Travelers Insurance Spokesmen Gary Griffen.

A poll by Travelers finds that 84% of people are concerned about distracted driving. But 31% don't think they're distracted by their own devices.

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