SANDUSKY -- Park guests are accusing Cedar Point of causing a big nightmare during the weekend -- and they're nottalking about HalloWeekends.

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Saturday saw massive crowds at the Sandusky roller coaster oasis, which many claim created major traffic troubles once the park was closed at midnight -- some saying it took them more than four hours to exit the parking lot.

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As a result, guests turned to Facebook to let Cedar Point have a piece of their frustrated minds.

Here is a small sampling of their remarks (a statement from Cedar Point is also posted at the bottom of this article):

- "I have been sitting in a van in the back parking lot with young children for almost 4 hours waiting to get out ....WHAT IS GOING ON? LET US OUT!!!"

- "Thanks for a miserable experience today CP!"

- "Note to Cedar Point: If you run out of parking spaces, that PROBABLY means you should not let any more people into the park!"

- "Probably will never go back after yesterdays terrible experience!!"

- "Cedar Point was an absolutely miserable place on Saturday. After 30 years of going there, I am done. My kids actually cried because of how miserable it was. Besides the long lines to get into the parking lot, there were long lines onto rides, to get food, to use restrooms and to get out of the parking lot. Thanks to this day at Cedar Point, they have given me nightmares and not because of Halloweekends."

- "1st time taking our 10 yr old yesterday and the trip was awful! Traffic completely ruined the trip for us it took us 2.5 hrs to travel 5 miles into the park and 3 hrs to leave the parking lot. People were rude, obnoxious and not one security officer to control the crowds. Cedar Point claims safety is a priority however they need to review not only their traffic plans but other aspects before a major disaster happens...the experience in the parking lot after the park closed could have been handled much better. Thank God no one was injured."

- "In the parking lot 4 hours before we could leave? Really? boo."

- "While we enjoyed our time in the park today, my family has a major complaint regarding trying to get out of the parking lot tonight. Whomever you have directing traffic did a terrible job. We were parked in the west lot, close to the yacht club area. We got to our van at 11:50pm, and waited in stand-still traffic for 51 minutes before we finally moved up to the area where there was someone directing traffic, and we got let out onto the main drag out of Cedar Point. We sat there watching while hundreds of cars drove out ahead of us coming from three other lines of traffic next to us, yet somehow, over and over again, our section was skipped. When a few cars finally did get let out, it was just that, a few cars, and really only from one direction, the cars parked closer to the front of the lots got ignored through round after round of turn taking. This was extraordinarily frustrating, and has made us decide we do not want another trip to your park any time soon."

- "Way to manage traffic Cedar Point. Been in traffic trying to leave the park for over an hour and have made it 0.3 miles. It'll be a loooong while before I come back (and something tells me the rest of the folks in the parking lot, I mean "road" may feel the same)!!! Is it really asking too much to expect some measure of traffic control??? GET IT TOGETHER!!!"

- "I had a good time at the park yesterday until I tried to leave at around 11:30 PM. Being trapped in the Soak City parking lot for 3 and a half hours with no explanation of what was going on was not fun at all. It did not appear as though a single car left the rear parking lot until after 3AM. Upon leaving all other parking lots were completely empty. How could a park that has been around as long as Cedar Point be so worthless when it comes to traffic management? The only reason I gave one star was because it would not allow me to post a review with zero stars."

- "Isn't there a such thing called over capacity? After the experience yesterday I don't ever want to go back.this was ridiculous.they don't care about there customers as long as they make money complete bull-s**t."

- "Very disappointed, waited in 'Cedar Point' traffic for over 2 hours only to pay the parking fee and find out that there were NO MORE PARKING SPOTS LEFT!!!!! You were parking people 3 deep in the grass, really?!! You should have turned us away long before we got to the gate. Do you have a maximum capacity for the park, I'm sure it was exceeded today. Very frustrated, we left."

- "We just got home from our 2 hour drive, that was after it took THREE HOURS to get out of the parking lot!!! THREE HOURS! Who was the Rhode Scholar who did not add another out lane when the one for pedestrians was blocked??? Once on the Causeway we cruised because no one was on it!!"

- "Made it up to the parking gate after 2 1/2 hrs of waiting in line bumper to bumper with my grandchildren who waited patiently way too long just to be told they had to wait till the staff found a parking spot. I decided at this point to say forget it ! I figured it was even more of a nightmare in the park. Why didn't they just put a full sign up and forget about wasting everyone's time and disappointing so many kids. My grandchildren and I have passes so except for the wasted time we were not too disappointed."


A discussionforum titled "OMG 10/12/2013"wasposted on PointBuzz.com -- a Cedar Point fan site -- where others left comments about their experience that day.

Despite the abundance of negative comments, there were a few who left the park positive feedback on Facebook. Others even blamed those complaining about the extreme crowds for choosing such a notoriously busy weekend to attend.

Meanwhile, park officials have since released the following statement:

On Saturday, October 12, Cedar Point experienced a large crowd with the combination of perfect weather, the Columbus Day holiday and our annual HalloWeekends event.

While guests were attempting to park their vehicles, and subsequently, leave the park at the end of their day, they experienced a longer than normal delay in our parking lot and on our causeway. Like sporting events, concerts and other events where large crowds gather, guests leave around the same time creating a backup.

Our current parking procedures and traffic patterns are in place to safely direct vehicles in and out of our parking lot, as safety is our primary concern. However, we are aware that the delay on Saturday, October 12 was not normal.

We are currently reviewing our parking and traffic procedures in an effort to deliver a better guest experience.