TWINSBURG -- Social media -- it continues to be a hot-button topic.

In the last few years, we've seen a spike in online bullying and scammersusing social media to takeadvantage of people.

The list goes on.

But what about the flip side?

What about using social media to help others and raise awareness?

Meet the Donatelli's.

Rebecca and Bryan Donatelli say they secretly struggled with infertility for several years.

"I didn't even talk about some of those things with my closest of friends," Rebecca says.

Bryan saysit was difficult bothemotionally and physically.

"All the infertility treatments, the invitro, the IUI, the countless trips down to the hospital at 7 in the morning every week."

And then something clicked for them.

They realized that thejoy of having achild isn't about givingbirth, it's about what comes afterward -- the gift of unconditional love and care.

"As long as I could be called dad, and she could be called mom, that's all that it came down to," Bryan says.

A few months and a miracle later, their sonNoah came into their lives.

And that's when social media also came in.

After so many ups and downs, Rebecca wanted to share their journey online --to help other couples going through similar struggles.

A private person, Rebecca even surprised herself when she went online andwrote her firstentry.

The site she chose to share their journey is called

It's a site that allows people to share their story, and ask for donations.

After adopting Jax, their first child, the Donatelli's are now raising money to adopt another child.

Rebecca says when she woke up, she was shocked, "I didn't even tell Bryan because no one's going to see it. Nobody is going to donate. Why would they? And I woke up to 40 e-mails. They e-mail you every time someone donated. So I said, 'Maybe I should tell Bryan what just happened.'"

Bryan says they are overwhelmed by the response they've received.

"I mean, everybody that I've ever known, people that I haven't seen in 15 years, lent support and gave a hand and said that they were very impressed with whatwe were doing. Far and away, Facebook, Linkden, Instagram, all those things really helped to spread the word."

For Rebecca, it's not even about the money -- although it certainly helps with the adoption process, which can be costly.

"I don't feel alone anymore," Rebecca says."That's the best part about it. I feel like I've helped random strangers. I never expected that and I love being able to share my story with people."

The Donatelli's have already raised more than $7,000 toward another adoption.

They hope their story not only raises awareness about adoption, but also how families can use social media to promote a cause.

November is National Adoption Month.