We here at Channel 3 are continuing to bring you weight loss success stories from all Northeast Ohio.

Niki Wyles Kirven said her weight started to become an issue at the end of middle school and into high school. It was a problem she continued to struggle with for the next 15 years.

Until she decided to make a change early last year.

"My story starts back in January of 2012. I joined Weight Watchers. I weighed 325 pounds."

What was the deciding factor that madeKirven want to make a change?

"I was actually playing with my niece one day, she's a year-and-a-half old. I was chasing her around the house. She wanted me to run behind the recliner with her and I couldn't and she broke down and started crying and bawling her eyes out. It broke my heart. So from that minute on, I said I have to make a change -- it's going to be now."

In February of 2012, one month after she started her weight-loss journey,her boyfriend asked her to marry her.She had even more motivation to take off the weight.

"I wanted to be a beautiful bride!"

Two words: Mission accomplished.

"A year andnine months later, I'm down over 170 pounds so I actually lost more than I weigh! I really want to motivate anyone that is struggling with their weight to make a change -- no matter how small you think it is."

Kirven continues with her Weight Watchers meetings and leads a healthy, active lifestyle of running, working out and kickboxing. She gives a lot of credit to the gym she works out in.

She will also run her second half marathon in November and a full 26.2 mile marathon next year.


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