Say it ain't snow! Eastsiders are in the thick of it, up to their booted ankles in slush!

"Seems a little bit early for typical Cleveland weather," says Cameron Watts.

"I'd rather it came December first and ended December second," says Karen Lucas.

But not everyone is lamenting the white stuff.

For Katie Kevern, this really is the most wonderful time of the year.

"I love it! This is my favorite time of year. I don't care it's October. This is great! It gets everybody ready for Christmas. It's time to start shopping. I'm game!" Kevern said.

In fact, some people are already out shopping.

Verline Craig lost power overnight, so today's winter errands included a trip to Home Depot.

"I have no heat. I had to leave work to come and get this space heater. It is freezing in my house," says Craig.

Others, like MaryLou Vermerris, woke up to a downed tree in her yard. So instead of playing bridge like she had planned, she's making the most of it -- plant shopping. No greenhouse, no problem!

"We decided to capture this time and get the house ready for the season," says Vermerris.

Since this is Northeast Ohio, and we are all staying put, let's all do like Katie, and celebrate, "with Christmas music! Forget Thriller, forget Halloween, let's jump right into Jingle Bells!"