LORAIN --Flashing lights lit up the streets of Lorain Monday morning to say goodbye to an 8-year-old who dreamed of becoming a police officer.

Enrique Davila loved everything about police.

He even had his own badge from the Cleveland Clinic and dreamed of driving his own cruiser one day.

"I think he just liked helping people, knowing that he could help people and be there for people, plus the sirens and the car and being able to drive fast," said Enrique's great-aunt, Iris Arroyo.

Enriquebattled a rare liver disease his entire life, but never gave up his fight to serve the community as an officer.

His love for police turned into a special relationship with them. About a year ago, he took his first ride in a cruiser with full lights and sirens.

At the wheel?Patrol officer Eladio Andujar, who was also at Enrique's bedside a half hour before he passed.

He awarded Enrique with the Purple Heart that he received after suffering severe injuries during an arrest.

"We go out every day knowing that's a possibly, but everything he went through, he never signed up for that. This is what life gave him, and he deserved it more than me," Andujar said.

Ironically, Andujar knew that exact hospital room all too well. Almost two decades ago,he lost his son there.

"It was deja vu. It was me this time on the outside, looking in and seeing what I went through, what my family went through 20 years ago" saidAndujar.

As police escorted Enrique to his final resting place, his family is grateful for all that the Lorain Police Department has done.

They will hold the Purple Heart closely, knowing what an amazing officer Enrique would have made.