MAYFIELD HEIGHTS -- Mayfield Middle School Spokeswomen Lourie Uhlir says their students will be going back to Target.

Target has opened their doors to the middle school after a misunderstanding with one of their managers.

Uhlir tells Channel3 News,that they want this to be a good learning experience for both parties. The school understands that you can't judge one person for a whole company and wants to give them a second chance.

On Tuesday, we told you about a teacher taking on Target via Facebook.

In the past, customers could complain to a retailer anddropped it in a comment box. Social media has changed the way customers complain, and it often changes the results.

That's just what happened when Mayfield Heights Middle School had an issue with an area Target store.

Sandy Bean, a teacher at the school takes 25-30 students to the Mayfield Heights Target store each year to shop for items for a local charity.

For the last five years students would raise moneyfrom school functions and candy sales. They use the money to shop for items that were then donatedtoProvidence House.

The Providence House is a crisis center for children in an abusive or neglect situation.

"We try and make a difference in a smaller spectrum. It's really neat because these kids normally don't do the shopping and get to help someone," the teacher said.

This year when Sandy called Target, she says a woman named Shelly told her the kids weren't welcome and Target did not have the staff to meet the school's needs.

Sandy continues, "She said I had to give them two week's notice to come in. I said, 'in the past that hasn't been a problem.' She said 'well it might have been.'"

Sandy posted an open letter to Target on Facebook telling her story. That posting soon went viral and Facebook users began sharing theletter with WKYC.

We wanted to help the school and called the Cleveland Heights Walmart. Their spokesperson said without hesitation, not only are the kids welcomein their store but that Walmart would donate an additional $250.

We also talked to the Mayfield Heights Target's General Manager Jason Duvall.

"We want to rectify this, this should have never gone this far. I will personally help these children if they come back to our store."