The community of Chardon continues to reach out to anyone who needs help. Experts say the fall out from the stress of the past 10-days could start to take its toll on those students and parents who, up to now may have felt they were ok.

"You wake up picturing what could have happened," says Kelly Jordan, a Chardon resident and mother of a high school student.

The horrific scene plays through the minds of many in Chardon. Even if they didn't see it, the thought and reality of the school shooting is still fresh. And the emotional recovery will be long.

"I pretty much think about it I would say 24/7 - I mean driving in the car, I always think about it."

Signs of stress are already showing in Kelly's son.

"He's being a 16 year old. He's a little quiet, but he always is... He did kind of act out a couple days after and we kind of talked together with my husband."

To make sure signs of trauma don't slip through the cracks, grief counselors met with families and teachers and outlined the signs to watch for. They explained parents might see an increase in conflict, tearfulness, irritability and forgetfulness.

For parents, it will be a matter of getting kids back to a normal routine, and being aware what might trigger traumatic feelings.

Something Kelly knows, will be hard to avoid.

"There's always going to be reminders. When school starts next year, I think it will all come back to the kids."