CLEVELAND -- Convicted former Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge Bridget McCafferty has been fined $100 plus court costs in connection with a traffic citation issued earlier this month.

Police cited McCafferty on August 2 on I-90 and East 152nd Street for slow speed and reckless operation. She said in court that she had slowed down for a funeral procession. She pleaded no contest to the slow speed and was found guilty of slow speed and the reckless operation charge was dropped.

In court this morning, the judge also assessed two points against McCafferty's driver's license.

McCafferty was released to Oriana House in June after serving nine months of a 14-month prison sentence. That's a halfway House located in Cleveland.

McCafferty, 46, of Westlake, was found guilty on 10 counts of lying to the FBI on March 26, 2011.