Apparently the looming "fiscal cliff" is not scaring people away from making big purchases. Nationwide, new car sales were up for all of November.

"Typically, it's a pretty slow month going into the cold months, but this one was phenomenal for Nissan," says Bedford Nissan Sales Manger Steve Sawyer.

November at Nissan of Bedford,might as well have been Christmas morning all month. Sales locally were booming and nationwide, Nissan hit new sales records.

Chrysler saw sales rise 14 percent in November, Nissan by 13 percent, Hyundai rose 8 percent and Ford by 6.5 percent.

With the fiscal cliff looming, how is it that Americans are spending on big ticket items?

"Gas mileage on the Altima is 38 miles to the gallon, so that really appealed to the people getting 26 or 28 on their old vehicles," says Sawyer.

Consumers may be looking to save overall on the rising cost of gas by trading in for more fuel-efficient cars. Nearly record low interest rates might also be an incentive.

"We've had customers and interest rates as low as one and one and a half percent right now," says Peter Syntax with Liberty Ford.

The auto sales industry is expected to have continuous growth over the next few months. But analysts with J.D. Power and Associates admit the fiscal cliff and possible tax increases could change that forecast.