CLEVELAND --At this point, it's safe to say most people would kind of appreciate a white December, but no one is hoping for snow as much as the men and women who rely on the extra income from cleaning up that snowfall.

The phones are already ringing at North Shore Performance. On the other end are customers who know there's no putting off Mother Nature.

Kevin O'Shea, of North Shore Performance, has his eyes on the forecast.During the winter months, the summer boat repairing business comes second to snow.

"We're waiting for some snow it would be nice," said O'Shea, who joked about whether or not the plows still work.

And they do.

Will Peterson is fairly new to Cleveland. He went out on just a few snow removal jobs during last year's mild winter, but has heard the tales of snow falls from not so long ago. He says the prospect this year, "doesn't look very good now."

Plow workers are hopeful, for anything but a "brown Christmas" and agree, they'd like to see nothing but white, if only for a few days.

"I'd love to get my guys working I know they'd love to make some money but until it snows everything is on hold," O'Shea said.