MANSFIELD -- Jeremy and Lisa Miller both workat Joyce Buick and GM. After 21 years of marriage,they're rarely apart, until this cruise nightmare.

They're ready to put this week behind them.

Jeremy Miller works around cars, but he may want to steer clear of ships after what his wife's been through.

Lisa was one of the passengers stuck on the Carnival cruise. Jeremy couldn't talk to her for 3 days, and then he heard all about the nightmare.

Lisa's journey started nine days ago when she flew from Columbus to Galveston, Texas. Then she boarded the ship with two friends for Cozumel, Mexico.

After being stuck at sea, she finally made it to Mobile, Alabama last night and took a bus to New Orleans.

Today she will fly to Charlotte before heading back to Columbus.

Another voyage is already planned.

Carnival is going to pay for all airfare, the cost of the cruise and any expenses from on the ship, and $500.

Lisa is also bringing home a sore throat and ear infection but will be back to work Monday.