CLEVELAND -- With Thursday's announcement that the Plain Dealer will be making changes, everyone from readers to employees is waiting to see what happens next.

The paper relies on over 100 drivers to make early morning deliveries to thousands of homes in Northeast Ohio.

Publisher Terry Egger says, the paper will still publish seven days a week, but home delivery will be reduced to three days: Sundays and two other days not yet decided.

"I think it's going to affect us greatly. A lot of people have been doing this for so long," said Desiree Brown.

Brown delivers papers in the Lakewood area seven days a week right now, in addition to working a full time day job.

She is concerned about her income, should her hours be cut.

But Brown says, her greater concern is for her fellow drivers who have spent decades working the paper route, and rely on the job for their livelihoods.

Egger says, the focus of the Plain Dealer is shifting toward digital. Money saved on home deliveries will go toward new technology and investments in the paper editions on the web, tablets and mobile devices.

"This has been a very tough business where there have been cutbacks, cutbacks, cutbacks. Our goal is to have a reset of our business entirely, and become a growth business again," said Eggers.

Layoffs are not expected until later this summer.

The paper will still be available Sunday through Monday in vending machines and stores.

But Brown says, for the elderly customers who rely on the paper on their door step each morning, the change will be difficult.

"I just want to make sure our customers know we still care about them greatly. We're trusted by people and want to still give them great service, even if it's just three days a week," said Brown.