WESTLAKE -- West-siders will have even more space to play when the next phase of Crocker Park is completed.

The City of Westlake approved an expansion that would include a concert venue and farmers market area.

Those who grew up near the corner of Crockerand Detroit roadsremember when the space was nothing but trees. "Just a white barn on the corner and it was all woods," remembers Jenny DeSanto.

But over the past 12 years, what used to be a historic farm is now a bustling destination.

So, developers and architects wanted to know, what else would the community want?

"This is really growing out of the need and really the demand of the community to have this space to own and to share and enjoy together," says David Craun, with Bialosky and Partners Architects.

Once the American Greetings building goes up, so will a a concert area with a shaded pavilion, an 88-stall farmers market, and, in the winter, a space for an outdoor ice skating rink.

"The civic space is a beautiful green for you to play on, throw a frisbee, run a dog, it's a heartscape area that can really take a beating and be utilized for a lot of different things," says Craun.

The space will actually be owned by the city and maintained by Crocker Park. Construction should start in 2014.