Cleveland--Construction is finally underway for the new Horseshoe Casino skywalk at the intersection of Ontario and Prospect Avenues.While some nearby businesses are welcoming the new development, others are concerned the new bridge may deter foot traffic.

Jennifer Harkness, manager of the Ontario St. Café, has witnessed a lot of changes downtown over the years. "We went 7-8 years without ever seeing anybody on the street except when it was time to go to work and time to go home, so just seeing people on the street all the time...more young people, people walking their dogs, it's becoming more like a metropolitan city," said Harkness.

Harkness claims she isn't worried about the new skywalk stealing business away from her bar which sits just across from the Horseshoe Casino. "I believe if anyone's already parked at the Horseshoe garage they've already chosen their really I think the overflow we get is people who want to try something different they want to get out," she said.

However, two neighboring bar managers disagree with Harkness, claiming their businesses have already been negatively impacted by the construction this weekend. This intersection will reopen Monday and crews plan to finish the glass enclosed section by next year.