CLEVELAND -- It didn't matter which highway you drove, the scene was the same -- cars spun out, some smashed into the concrete barrier, other lost wheels.

Some motorists are used to snow but never expected conditions this bad.

"We got more snow in Chardon but the wind here, the visibility is so crappy,"said a couple trying to find the Shoreway.

We mounted a camera on the front of our live truck to show how the snow-wind mix made visibility difficult and dangerous in a matter of minutes.

We could hardly see the car in front of us, making it impossible to find the road or even gauge how deep the drifts get.

"I was leaving work. I turned the corner, and I just stopped. I'm locked. I don't know what I'm going to do here," said one motorist.

ODOT has 80 plows and salt trucks on the roadsaround the clock.

They're reminding all drivers that conditions change mile by mile and minute by minute.

"We've got a lot of snow out there and conditions are icy and visibility is poor, so I just ask the motoring public so please give yourself some time so you can get to your destination safely," said ODOT spokeswoman Molly Leonard.

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