CLEVELAND -- Cleveland Police arrested the grandson of an elderly couple found dead in their Virginia Avenue home Monday.

Anthony King, 29, was found drivinghis grandparents' missing car in the 6000 block of State Road in Parma at about 8:30 Monday night. He was detainedand later arrested by Cleveland Police in connection with the deaths.

Dispatchers received a call just before 9 a.m. Monday from the elderly couple's daughter, Denise King, who lived with her parents.

The daughter told police when she woke up shefound her 72-year-old mother bleeding from the head on the couch of thefamily's Virginia Avenue home.

Officers then found the victim's 75-year-old husband in the basement. He wasalso bleeding from the head.

Both were pronounced dead at the scene. The victims' have been identified asWava and James King.

"This is very shocking. My heart is beating a hundred miles an hour," said next door neighbor Maribel Rodriguez. "It's so close to home just thinking about it. They lived right next door to me and I didn't think it could happen to anyone in our neighborhood."

Relatives of the couple say they were wonderful people. "He worked 40 years at LTV steel," Don Charles King said of his uncle James King."And she was a bible believing woman," he said of his aunt Wava.

Police say there was no sign of forced entry into the home.

"That's two doors down from me so that could have been us," said another anxious neighbor. "It's a big problem, a big, big problem."

The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner, which determined the death of James andWava King were homicides,will rule on the exact causes of death.