CHARDON -- Attorneys for TJ Lane are asking a judge to throw out the statement the teen made to authorities followingthe Chardon High School shootings.

Lane is charged in the deaths of three students at the high school last February. Three other students were wounded in the shootings.

Photos: TJ Lane motion hearing

During Thursday's hearing, Lane's attorney Mark Devan argued that skilled interrogators took advantage of Lane, which Devan described as a scared, confused teenager suffering with mental illness, to obtain Lane's statement following the shootings.

Geauga County Sheriff's deputies, however, testified during the hearing that Lane was read his Miranda rights twice and asked several times if he understood his rights during a five-hour interview.

The prosecution says standard operating procedure was followed and stated Lane was treated fairly.

Judge David Fuhry will make the decision as to whether the statement will be admitted during trial.

Lane told investigators he shot people but didn't know why. He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity and faces trial as an adult.

The trial is scheduled to begin on January 14