The days continue to be painful for the family of 5-year-old Israel Thornton, who was struck and killed in a hit-and-run accident near West 37th Street and Denison Avenue nearly six weeks ago.

While police continue to search for the driver of the SUV that fled the scene, loved ones say all they want this Christmas is closure.

"The family, the church, no one is looking for revenge. ... We just want some kind of closure," explained Brian Timberlake, Israel's youth pastor. "Israel wanted some things for Christmas and now all that has been stripped from him."

Loved ones say Israel was a gift to all who knew him.

"It's just so amazing that a 5-year-old can leave an impact the way he really has," Timberlake continued.

Police have narrowed the vehicle involved in the accident down to three different types of SUVs, including a KIA Sorento, Dodge Journey and Jeep Laredo.

In the meantime, family and friends are hoping someone will be brave enough to step forward and give them peace.

"We're hoping that between the Police Department and the community, someone will be able to say 'I know what happened,' " said Timberlake. "If they don't come forth, how will we ever know?"