An Elyria woman who escaped her carjacker, helps to capture him days later, when she spots him shopping at Walmart.


ELYRIA -- A young woman who escaped her attacker in a carjacking, winds up helping police to capture him, after she spotted him in a store aisle three days later.

Newly released 911 calls reveal the panic right after the carjacking last Tuesday in the parking lot of the Best Buy at Midway Mall. Madison Seman, 22, had just ended her shift at the store, and was sitting in her car, while talking to her boyfriend on a Facetime video call.

She told police that she had only been sitting in her car for less than 20 seconds, when a man opened her car door and forced his way inside. He began to choke her and demanded money. When she told him that her purse was in the trunk, he grabbed the car keys to look. Once Seman saw that he was next to the trunk, she ran to get help.

However, an amazing coincidence led to the suspect's capture.

Three days later, on Black Friday, Seman was shopping at the Walmart three miles away from the Best Buy. She says, there, in the auto care aisle, was her attacker, who was shopping for wiper blades.

Seman confronted the man, and called police on her cell phone as she chased him through the store. Two Good Samaritans helped to tackle the suspect, and hold him for police.

Officers arrested Scott Daugherty, 44, who faces charges including robbery and possession of cocaine. He's being held in the Lorain County Jail on a half million dollar bond.