The state attorney general is now taking over the case of the woman charged with attempting to kill her husband -- a county judge -- with antifreeze.

All the judges at the Ashtabula County Courthouse have recused themselves from the case.

They say they are too close to the judge and his family. To get a fair trial they need to bring in experts from outside the county.

News of Judge Charles Hague's alleged poisoning is all over the front page of the local paper and the talk of customers at Classy Consignment Inc.

"I just couldn't believe it. Sad and it is shocking. I think the whole community is shocked," said store owner Anita Krulic.

Down the street at the Jefferson Diner, Kori and her fiance Bob just picked up their marriage license with Hague's name on it.

"Couldn't believe that something like that would happen in our small little town. You hear things like that in movies. I didn't know people were actually doing that in real life," said Kori.

Wednesday morning, Hague's wife Carla waived her right to a preliminary hearing.

She's accused of poisoning her husband of more than four decades with antifreeze.

Neighbors are shocked. They say Carla is a kind, faithful woman who attended Mother of Sorrows Church.

They, along with people in town, say they have no idea what would have caused this to happen.

"It's such a sad thing and sad time of year. It's been a tough thing," said Krulic.

The sheriff says if this case goes to trial, it will be tried in Ashtabula County. The state attorney general will appoint an outside prosecutor and the Supreme Court will pick a judge to preside over the case.