AKRON -- Police are looking for two women who were confronted while trying to steal 18 North Face jackets at the Dick's Sporting Goods store on Howe Avenue about 7:30 p.m. Sunday night.

Police say the store manager reported that he approached the women near the front doors after they were seen taking approximately 18 North Face jackets; valued at $2,000.

As he approached the duo, one pulled out a can of mace and sprayed the manager in the face. They drove off in a maroon 1990 four-door Toyota with a temporary license plate.

The woman are described as black, 18 – 21 years old. One is about 5'07" – 5'10" tall, 115 – 125 lbs., wearing a white vest and rainbow colored leggings. The other is 6'0" – 6'02" tall, 200 – 225 lbs., wearing a black jacket and black pants.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Akron police at (330) 375-2552.