JACKSON TOWNSHIP -- The woman who was rescued by two police officers from her burning apartment on Thursday has been charged with setting the fire.

Police say that she risked the lives of seven other people in her apartment building.

Police say Deborah L. Rearick faces vandalism, felonious assault, assault, resisting arrest and aggravated arson charges.

Police say she threw several burning paper towels at a caregiver.

The police said the building in the 2800 block of Thackeray Avenue NW was evacuated and fire crews extinguished the fire. Jackson police officers Jason Coppock and Dan Kunkel responded to the fire and were able to crawl through the smoke-filled apartment and found Rearick in Apt. 12 on the kitchen floor and were able to pull her to safety.

Rearick was taken to Aultman Hospital with minor, non-life threatening injuries and arrested after she was released.

Rearick resisted arrest and kicked an officer. She also damaged the police cruiser by kicking the door on the way to the Stark County Jail.