SOLON -- A teenager from Solon High School is an inspiration to many.

Justin Bachman isdealing with Tourette'sbut he's turned his life challenge into a positive one.

A disorder that causes uncontrollable movements and involuntary vocal sounds.

"He has had to grow up so fast because he had to learn to advocate for himself very early on," said Justin's mother Lisa Bachman.

Justin's journey started in In 7th grade when he was disqualified from a cross country meet.

"I was doing my thing I was ticking and making a lot of noise," says Justin.

The referees of the race thought Justin was being rude with his outbursts, not understanding that he had a special need.

Ron Bachman, Justin's father said,"A lot of the times we would like to find those two officials and say thank you for being as intolerant as they were because they didn't realize the firestorm that they started from this whole thing."

At 13-years-old sitting at the kitchen table Justin decided that he wanted to advocate for people of difference and came up with the Tolerance fair.

"That really pushed me into making it my life's mission to have other people not experience the intolerance that I did," says Justin.

The first Tolerance Fair was held at the Solon Recreation Center and people flocked to it.

"Going to a place like the Tolerance Fair introduces people to resources and groups where they can meet like minded individuals," Lisa added.

Justin is a making a difference and continues to do it though speeches at schools and even on Capitol Hill.

"Being different is being awesome. That every one of us is unique in our own special being and a lot of people don't embrace the differences in themselves," said Justin.

The Tolerance Festival is is free and will be Sunday, March 10th from 2pm to 4pm at the I-X Center.