Around this table, these volunteers send what's in their hearts through their hands. They're building "giving dolls."

It takes about eight hours to make a doll, and there's a lot of people involved in the process.

They are more than stuffing, thread and yarn. They're also filled with love. The Wadsworth-based group started with 12 dolls in 2006. As of today, 19,800 have been sent out all over the United States and 47 countries around the world. Doll No.15,000, whose name is Sandy, is staying right here in Ohio.

Jo Marie Bailey of Wooster is going through some tough times. Now she has Sandy to comfort her.

They would help me pass the time, so I don't think about so much of what's going on," she said. "It just takes my mind off everything that's happening right now."

It's sad there are so many kids who need comforting in our world, but it's good to know the folks at The Giving Doll are there for them.

The group sent dolls in memory of the kids killed at Sandy Hook Elementary to Ronald McDonald Houses all over the United States and even one in Turkey. There were 20 dolls, 12 girls and eight boys, sent to each.

Also, nonprofit plans on giving the 20,000th doll to another deserving youngster in need of comfort.

For more information, contact them through their website,