HARTVILLE -- Little David Gorham was a thoughtful child who loved airplanes and his baby brother.David was born on Christmas Day but he's the one who gave the gift of life.

"We believe, had David been old enough, he would have made the decision himself," says Nicholas Gorham, David's father.

Last August, Nicholas and Kimber Gorham experienced the excrutiating pain of losing a child when 2 1/2 year old David accidentally drowned in a lake during a family outing.

But in the midst of their devastating loss, the Gorhams decided David's death would not be in vain.

"We actually asked the doctor if we could donate his organs. A lot of people say how do you make that choice but it wasn't a choice for us we just believe strongly in organ donation, it's kind of the right thing to do, our world was falling apart maybe it could be somebody's best day," Nicholas says.

Nothing would happen until David was declared brain dead by medical experts.Then life support machines would keep his organs operating until they could be removed.

Lifebancsends a specialized team to take over the process.

"They treated him as our son, not just a body or organs to be harvested," Nicholas says.

"They were just a great support to us on what was the worst day of our lives," Kimber added.

Along ide the photos of David's life lies a medal honoring what he gave in death.

"War heroes get medals but you don't think of a little child who died from an accident. He's a hero too and he's a hero to two people out there who got his kidneys," Kimber said.

It's a difficult subject to think about but the Gorhams hope other families at least consider it.

"Achild's organs can be so precious. It's such a precious gift that a parent can give to somebody else 'cause, somewhere in the world, there's a parent that's gonna lose a child 'cause there's not an organ," Kimber said.

As for the recipients, they have a simple request.

"Pay it forward down the road and doing great things with their lives," Kimber said.