*All information and documentation was pulled from The Ohio License Center website and represents matters that were subject to Ohio Medical Board Review between the years of 2008 - 2012. This is publicly available at


03/14/2012: PROBATION TERMINATED - Doctor's request for release from terms of 12/9/09 Consent Agreement granted by vote of the Board on 3/14/12, effective immediately.

01/13/2011: PROBATION MODIFIED: Doctor's requests to discontinue required controlled substance logs and reduce required personal appearances to every six months granted by 1/13/11 Board vote.

01/14/2010: PROBATION MODIFIED: Monitoring physician approved, frequency and number of charts for review established by 1/14/10 Board vote.

12/09/2009: CONSENT AGREEMENT: Medical license granted subject to probationary terms, conditions, and limitations. Based on doctor's admitted history of alcohol use and diagnosis of alcohol dependence and on the Board's receipt of information that doctor is compliant with monitoring terms in Pennsylvania. Agreement effective 12/9/09; agreement to remain in effect for at least two years prior to any request for termination.