Football is the most popular prep sport in Northeast Ohio and hundreds of young athletes engage in violent collisions in every practice and every game.

Each with the potential to cause concussions that can leave lasting effects on our athletes.

Helmets have been increasingly designed to protect players from suffering concussions, but are local schools using the safest helmets possible?

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Channel 3 Health Reporter Monica Robins launches an in-depth report Tuesday night at 11pm looking at the condition of helmets being issued to local athletes.

Who's using top rated helmets?

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Who's suiting up kids with sub-standard protection?

Tune in to find out how helmets are rated for safety, which schools are passing the grade when it comes to keeping players safe and which have some work to do.

INTERACTIVE: Helmet rating breakdown

Plus, how you can find out where your school stands in regards to using the safest helmets available.

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