Investigators were on scene all day following a devastating fire at Republic Steel over the weekend.

The furnace that caught fire was part of an $85 million investment expected to create almost 500 jobs. After years of negotiations, it finally fired up last week. Four days later, a devastating fire.

Thankfully, the five employees who were injured during the Saturday fire at Republic Steel are all back home this evening.

Meanwhile, the investigation into what caused the fire and how it will affect Republic and its hundreds of workers is far from over.

Here's what we do know: Somehow a heat source found its way into the oxygen supply system, acting like a huge blowtorch.

The fire then shot up three floors, damaging the brand-new electric arc furnace.

The cost of the damage is in the millions, but many are wondering if this fire will affect the 450 jobs connected to the new furnace.

A representative for Republic says goal No. 1 is to restart that furnace as soon as possible.

And when asked if this would affect jobs, Paula Dudukovitch says the company has invested heavily in Lorain and will be here for the long haul.

"Our $85 million investment in Lorain represents our commitment to Northeast Ohio and our customers," she said.

Dudukovich also says they are developing a plan for other work and training for the employees who are affected by the accident.