RICHMOND HEIGHTS -- A mother and father who adopted a little girl are now accused of contributing to her death.

Twelve-year-old Tia Ann Jones died in February. Her parents have been charged with involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and allowing child abuse.

The autopsy showed "more than 80" scratches, bruises and scars on her body. But it was a festering staph infection in her legs and pneumonia that took her life.

The medical examiner's report paints a very grim, horrible picture. Tia's adoptive parents, Randy and Carissa Jones of Richmond Heights, have been indicted for her death.

In addition to numerous injuries and scars found on Tia's body, the 12-year-old who weighed just 64 pounds. We talked to a neighbor who was friends with the family and even baby-sat for Tia. He says they seemed like a happy family.

"Never saw anything suspicious. We cooked out together and talked," said the neighbor.

An acute hemorrhage on Tia's buttocks that measured 9 inches by 2 inches was also noted in the report.

Richmond Heights police never had calls to the Jones family house. Children's Services never had any reports on the family. Tia was the only child in the home. They moved here from Fort Myers, Fla.

A court date has been set for Dec. 13.