BRECKSVILLE – A winter storm causes headaches for many people, but some winter warriors look forward to the cold temps and accumulation to help out on the slopes.

Boston Mills Brandywine ski resort has had a tough few winters, with warmer than normal temperatures, but were able to open on "Black Friday" this season.

They've been making snow for weeks and say they can make 100 percent of what they need. It's the warm-ups that pose a problem.

Their magic number is 28 degrees and below to keep all the snow, manmade or natural, from melting.

They're ready for the winter storm moving in, as many will use the holiday vacation and snowy weather as a time to hit the slopes.

Boston Mills and Brandywine will be running extended holiday hours from 9 a.m. til 10 p.m. New Year's Day and snow tubing beginning at 11 a.m.