CUYAHOGA FALLS -- It's a heinous crime that has many people upset. Vandals have damagedOakwood Cemetery and keep coming back to do it again.

"To come in the following morning and see all these knocked over is very disappointing," said Bill White.

Gravestones that have been here since the 18th centuryhave beenshattered and many of them can't be repaired.

"It makes me very angry. I mean my father is buried in the cemetery. There is no reason to be in there other than to pay respects," says Captain Jack Danials with the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department.

Members of the grounds crewsay the vandals started at the top of a hill in the middle of the cemetery, thenran down the slopeknocking over as many as twenty grave markers.

The city is trying to put the gravestones back up right but can't keep up after vandals then started taking out the heavier monuments.

Martha Guld says, "It's sad that they don't have enough respect for other people's property that they would do something like that."

If you see anything suspicious you are asked to contact the Cuyahoga Falls Police Department at 330.928.2181. If you know who may be taking out these tombstones you are asked to call detectives at 330.971.8334.