AKRON -- A federal judge won't allow a video recording at trial in the first of four suppression hearings scheduled this week for the men accused of conspiring to bomb a Brecksville bridge.

Meanwhile Judge David Dowd has not decided whether to throw out arrest statements made by Connor Stevens. His attorney, Terry Gilbert, argues FBI agents violated Stevens' fifth and sixth amendment rights.

For the first time, testimony is providing details about what happened on April 30, when five men were arrested for plotting to blow up the Brecksville-Northfield High Level Bridge on Route 82.

About a dozen protestors outside Akron's federal court have changed their signs and buttons to reflect their support for what they are now calling the Cleveland 4. One co-defendant, Anthony Hayne, plead guilty to charges last month.

"It reinforced a lot of things, especially as far as the FBI and their faulty equipment," said Gail Stevens, mother of co-defendant Connor Stevens.

Court conversations revealed audio is only available for a fraction of Douglas Wright's arrest statements. The judge ruled against the video, but will allow the FBI agents present to testify about it.

There was no ruling on arrest statements made by Connor Stevens. His attorney says Stevens' interview was not voluntary and his rights were violated,while the FBI says he waived them.

"It went on for four hours, he was sleep deprived, the agent who was interrogating him kept pushing him and pushing him to answer questions," said Gilbert.

Gilbert says it's just one aspect of a case all four defendants and their counsel are busy preparing for, one where they say they'll prove the FBI entrapped the Cleveland 4.

"They believe in their innocence," said Gail Stevens. "They believe that this is something that the FBI created and put them in the middle of."

There are still a lot of factors for the judge to consider before trial, including more than 50 hours of audio tape from the FBI's confidential informant. That's who sold the group faulty explosives.

Judge Dowd will consider attorney motions for Brandon Baxter and Joshua Stevens Tuesday.

The trial is set for September 17.