CLEVELAND -- Two Cleveland city council members are strongly criticizing Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine's report on the deadly Nov. 29 police chase and shooting that concluded "the system failed."

Two people died after police fired 137 shots at a car following the end of the chase. More than 60 police vehicles took part in the pursuit.

Councilmen Jeff Johnson and Zachary Reed voiced their criticism.

"I cannot believe what I witnessed. Nowhere in the process was Mike DeWine to open his mouth and give his opinion. On Feb. 5 Mike DeWine and Tim McGinty failed the City of Cleveland," said Johnson.

Johnson said he was saying things Mayor Frank Jackson could not. He called DeWine's report "a cheap shot."

Councilman Zachary Reed said "how can you put just a system on trial?" Tuesday Mayor Jackson said he did not expect DeWine to indict the city's command and operation in the state's investigation.

Johnson said McGinty "tainted the process by standing up there with Mike DeWine. For that reason there must be a special prosecutor."

Some thought DeWine would merely collect facts on the police shooting and what lead up to it without drawing a conclusion.

DeWine told Tom Beres, "My job is to tell the truth and protect Ohio families...I would not be doing my job if I did not point out the problem. What'd distrubing is that anyone would put their head in the stand and pretend there's not a real problem in the police department. The next time we may have officers killed. And the next time we may have bystanders killed."

A spokeswoman for Cuyahoga County Prosecutor McGinty said he would have no further comment, but added McGinty stands by his decision to submit the report's findings to a grand jury without a special prosecutor.

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