CLEVELAND – Ricky Smith has made his name known on many levels -- on the comedy stage and through social media.

But today was a proud moment for him.

Many think of today as Presidents' Day but, in the City of Cleveland, Mayor Frank Jackson proclaimed today as "Random Acts of Kindness Everywhere" Day.

It is also known as RAKE. It's a growing movement and, for 24 hours, the founder of RAKE started at midnight and has been going strong all day.

Ricky claims that RAKE is very addicting, In most cases, he uses his own funds to pull off the acts and it is more than just today.

He does this everyday, It truly is his life.

Today Ricky teamed up with Miceli Cheese and the Orlando Bread Company to make sandwiches and other goodies for anyone and everyone in Cleveland.


Because it is a true act of Random Act of Kindness.

It is not just food he hands out. He's known for handing out thousands of blankets for those in need. He randomly picks up gift cards and hands them out. He loves the smiles and the feeling it provides.

He started at midnight and has done singing karaoke (and the act of the kindness). There were people who didn't hear him sing. He went throughout the night, making lunches for homeless people.

He also went to a consignment shop and paid for people's clothes. Those are just some of the Random Acts he has pulled off today.

This is not the end for Ricky and his movement. He has some big plans that will put Cleveland in the positive spotlight which will be announced soon.

You can follow Ricky Smith and the RAKE movement on his Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter @rickiona.

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