Hundreds of steel mill workers welcomed president Obama to ArcelorMittal late this afternoon.

The president choose the plant to address the state of the economy because he believes it is symbolic of the progress he's made during his presidency.

Obama walked through ArcelorMittal, shaking hands and praising workers for their dedication to making the plant the most productive steel mill in the world.

"Folks here have been proud to be making steel for a century,100 years right here," said Obama.

The president addressed the need to grow the economy -- pointing to a worker named Mike, whose parents worked here to put him through college.

"When the plant was up and running again, Mike got a chance to be a steel worker here and provide for his two young kids, and I want to keep that going," said President Obama.

The president also talked about fixing the immigration system and making education more accessible.

He also addressed the ongoing glitches with the Affordable Care Act.

"I'm going to see this through. I want millions of Americans not to go broke when they get sick or go to a doctor when their kids get sick," said Obama.

As he wrapped up his speech, the president encouraged hard work, using the workers here as an example for the rest of America.

"As long as I have the honor of being your president, I'm going to wake up everyday thinking how I can keep on helping people like you in this plant. God bless the United States of America," said Obama.