A Hamilton County Commissioner claims he may challenge Ed FitzGerald to be the Democratic candidate for Governor.

Todd Portune is a friend of displaced Lieutenant Governor candidate Eric Kearney.

Is this a serious possible candidacy? Or some kind of payback to FitzGerald for how the whole controversy involving Kearney's back taxes turned out?

A Democratic candidate for Supreme Court also has had back tax issues and legal problems.

Is there a problem getting baggage-free qualified candiates? Or is it a sign Democrats are conceding the race against a sitting Republican justice?

How did your Congressman vote on the recent budget deal that reduces the sequester's impact and will avoid any looming crisis or threats to shutdown the government?

You may be surprised.

Why does swing state Ohio have so many Republican Congressional districts.

It's because of a redistricting system that favors the party in power.

A proposal to change that set-up to a more balanced system could be getting some traction.

What would it take to make it happen?

Tom Beres discusses these issues with Politics Writer Henry Gomez and Columnist Mark Naymik on this edition of Between the Lines.