The first presidential debate is tonight and we have team coverage from Denver to Northeast Ohio.

WKYC Reporters Lynna Lai and Dick Russ are on the ground here in Northeast Ohio.

We're just 34 days away from the election nowand the latest Columbus Dispatch poll shows President Obama has a 9-point lead over Republican candidate Mitt Romney in Ohio.

The poll comes out just days before the president will return to Northeast Ohio. On Friday he's scheduled to speak at Cleveland State. It's nearly identical to polls from two weeks ago.

Dick Russ is atKey Tower where a big debate watch party will be held,sponsored by the Cleveland Young Professional Senate. As the name suggests, these are young Clevelanders, of all political persuasions, interested in what the candidates have to say.

We will have their reactions live tonight after the debate on Channel 3 News at 11.

And interestingly, on this Debate Day, the person who oversees all the elections here in the State of Ohio was upin Cleveland today.

Jon Husted, the Secretary of State, came to the Cuyahoga County board of Elections to have a look around. It is not impossible that as goes Cuyahoga County, so goes the State of Ohio and so goes the nation. Husted was getting briefed on how early voting is going. Nearly2,000 peopleearly voted on Tuesday.