The pileup made for an extra-long commute for drivers who weren't even caught in it.

By the time they reached the BP off of Vrooman Road, most were already an hour behind schedule.

"It's been chaos for sure, for sure, complete chaos. Hopefully everybody makes it home safe," said one driver.

Many were traveling westbound and avoided getting caught in the thick of it.

"We just got up here. There were 10 cars smashed back to back. Looks like it was a domino effect," recalls a driver heading to Mentor.

Alison Shields is traveling from New York and doesn't know any side streets to get around the blocked-off areas.

"I'm in better shape than people sitting in the accident," said Shields.

While the accident made for a longer commute, drivers are counting their blessings.

"I have a 5-year-old in the car, a dog and a wife. Not too bad -- could be worse. Always a silver lining, right?" said one driver.