LAKE COUNTY -- With another storm on the way, Channel 3 wanted to find out what's being done to keep a particularly dangerous stretch of road safe.

Last week, we showed you State Route 44 and Vrooman Road, where weather caused a 28-car pile-up.

Starting today, you'll notice some changes.

First, you'll notice an increased presence of Ohio State Highway Patrol troopers, which is partnering with ODOT to keep that construction zone safe.

"Folks are just traveling too fast through that area," says ODOT spokesperson Jocelynn Clemings.

On Dec. 24, this section of I-90 was closed for six hours after a 28-vehicle pileup.

So Channel 3 wanted to see what's being done to keep that stretch of road safe.

Here's what we've found out:

ODOT is taking action. "It's in response to a number of accidents that have taken place there," says Clemings.

Earlier in the day, crews were busy putting up additional barrels to better mark the edge of the road.

They also installed speed trailers, which won't get you a ticket. They're simply there to remind you of the speed limit.

There were also additional "55 mph" speed limit signs.

By the end of the week, expect to see additional barrels with steady-burn amber lights.

And in two weeks, you'll see a three-foot, temporary concrete shoulder to strengthen the existing soft shoulder.

Clemings hopes that, by taking action now, they'll avoid more accident scenes and more back-ups.

"We're continually looking to do things better," says Clemings.

Some guardrail improvements were also completed today.