LAKE COUNTY -- New safety upgrades on Interstate 90 between state Route 44 and Vrooman Road aren't making drivers feel any safer.

Channel 3 spoke with ODOT today, and, because there was a fair amount of snow, they say they weren't able to add those barrels with the lights to the edge of the road -- even though they're all ready to go.

But even though ODOT is making changes and working with the State Highway Patrol, drivers say more needs to be done.

Winter weather is here -- snow, ice, low visibility -- yet the I-90 construction zone in Lake County is still as messy as the roads.

"Way too many accidents every day. This weather, being like it is, it's even worse," says driver Heather Ward.

Even ODOT recognizes that more needs to be done.

"We're continually looking to do things better, and we've noticed an increase in accidents in that area," says Jocelynn Clemings with ODOT.

More specifically, there have been three significant accidents in this area in just the past few weeks.

On Christmas Eve, eight people were injured in a 28-car pileup. Last Friday, there were two accidents involving multiple semis.

So Channel 3 wanted to find out exactly what's being done to make sure your commute is safe.

Here's what we've uncovered:

As of Tuesday, ODOT added two speed trailers -- three portable message signs -- reminding drivers of the reduced speed limit.

ODOT also added four additional 55 mph speed signs.

But when we drove that stretch Wednesday, the speed trailer didn't appear to be working, and we found a disabled vehicle still practically in the road.

By the time we called in the accident and then swung back around, state troopers were helping the driver.

But it illustrates a problem a lot of these drivers are dealing with.

"There's nowhere to go. You're stuck with that or heading off into a ditch," says driver Jay Remely.

During snow and ice events, ODOT tells Channel 3 they've dedicated six snow plows to plow and salt I-90 around the clock to ensure the work zone stays safe.