CLEVELAND -- It's almost impossible to dodge the potholes across the city, and it probably seems like they're only getting worse.

But the city is trying to smooth things out with a pothole repair plan.

Eight crews spent the day patching parts of West 117th, West 25th, and South Marginal streets. Holes were smoothed over, but the quick fixes don't last that long.

The area of West 130th and Bellaire might be one of the worst intersections in the city. Drivers repeatedly mentioned it in their complaints.

It's ripped up enough to see exposed brick. RTA said buses are going through up to three additional tires a day due to the potholes, and drivers are having the same issues

"I need two tires, probably a hubcap, one of my hubcaps is shot. I've had all kinds of trouble with my tires," Dell Christopherson said.

He's taking his car into the shop, while others are waiting it out. Drivers anticipate the potholes are just going to keep damaging their cars.

In the long run, the city would like to pour concrete on some of the worst sections of road, but for that to happen, the weather needs to be above freezing for at least two days. As for hot asphalt, plants begin production on April 1, so that's when repairs will really be able to increase.

The city acknowledges this is a very challenging winter for potholes. They've put out bids for private contractors to help with repairs. More information should be available about those on Friday.

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