Marvel has unleashed a glimpse at a major action sequence from "The Avengers" that was filmed entirely on E. 9th Street last August.

The 28-second clip features Captain America and Thor fighting a batch of metallic baddies amid destruction and fire.

Some of ourstaff with WKYCsaw this scene being filmed from a distance on August 19.

As you can see in this sequence, film crews literally destroyed E. 9th Street between Euclid and Prospect by littering the roadway with crashed cars, Styrofoam rocks and "shattered" rubber glass.

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If you can't tell this street is in Cleveland, look behind the two superheroes at the building with flags attached to the outside. That is the Medical Mutual building. Ten seconds into the clip you'll notice a MAC storefront in the background. This is one of many phony exteriors installed simply for the film's production. At the 14-second mark, you'll spot the Cleveland Trust Company on the far right side of the screen. For the film, the building was rebranded as a Capital One Bank.

This stretch of street was also used for a massive explosion sequence, which has been heavily featured in the film's trailers.

"The Avengers" is unleashed nationwide on May 4.The world premiere was held at the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood last week.